ID PIZZLE remix - Pitch

  • Role 3D & compositing
  • For MOJOFOREVER / Greatcoat films
  • Date 2020
  • Type Pitch
  • URL
  • Unreal Artist Scott Leicester Boyce

Multi talented designer 'Monica Laita' from Mojoforever approached Cranrust Vfx to help with some concepts & scope for a pitch for a ID Pizzle's remix tune, which would of been a mixed-media approach of traditional animation, illustraions, motion graphics & cgi environments generated in Epic's UNREAL Engine. The remix tune was awesome and MOJO's pitch was epic!

This Chicago-born musical genre's most recent iteration of Rumba Drill, a combination of the U.K.'s interpretation of the sound and Congolese rumba, would of married in an exceptional way with Mojoforever's design style.

Mojoforever's pitch was very warmly received by the commissioning editor at the record label but unfortunately we never got to realise the concept due to circumstances out of our control, hopefully this combination of traditional animation and using 3D Unreal engine environments technique will get used in a future collaboration as it had a lot of dynamic potential, especially using the realtime render engine in Unreal which would of allowed us to very quickly block out our background scenes & environments for adding hand drawn characters.

RIP Pop Smoke.