The Future Crashes into the Present

As the Storyteller from the Future, Karen Palmer takes the viewers on a journey through a series of broadcasts beamed back from the future, warning us of what’s to come through her immersive film experiences.

We had a lot of fun working with visionary director Karen Palmer on her ARS Electronica 2020 film submission 'The Future Crashes into the Present'.

We had incredible creative freedom at Cranrust Vfx & Mojoforever to help find stunning visual metaphors to support her storytelling, Karen has super interesting ideas on the future, politics and technology, which really allowed us to flex our creative juices, software & plugin suites.

The broadcasts show the artist in conversation with a behavioural psychologist, an elite parkour coach and a techno activist to shed insight into the methodology and purpose of her work at this particularly crucial time, with some of the dominant themes being fear, surveillance, race, digital civil liberties and AI.

Examples of our work plus Karens final film are below for your intrigue and consideration.
The revolution will not be televised, viva la resolution!

A selection of illustrations below created by the super talented Monica Laita at her MOJOFOREVER studio, we added some motion and animated embellishments to bring these already stunning paintings to life for Karens film. You can get in contact with Monica at