Hak Baker - Wonderland

Music Promo short film

Back once again working with 'Broken Antenna' directing duo Gustav + Myles, always a joy to hear from these chaps, and it's always been the best of experiences contributing visual effects to their stunning short film music promo's.

When I first heard this tune it blew my mind, getting to meet Hak Baker this indefinable London artist & checking out his music back catalogue, I became an instant fan of his sound and movement.

We had lots of rotoscoping, wire removal & invisible vfx tweaks to do on some of the shots, but the highlight for us was creating the guitar that plays itself for the opening & closing of the film. Lots of amazing visual wipes and photographic metaphors showing a group of friends out on a bender.

So proud to be part of this project, lets have a knees up & celebrate live, friends and our ends.

A vfx breakdown below of our CGI magical guitar effect...thanks for watching!