'Orbu' Augmented Reality game...

Vfx Supervision, 3D Camera tracking, Modelling & Texturing, Compositing & finishing

  • Role Vfx Supervisor & Vfx services
  • For Mother London
  • Date 2017
  • Type Promotional / launch film
  • URL www.dreamrealityinteractive.com
  • Directed By Charlie Inman

I'm super excited about all the emerging new fields of AR & VR so it was awesome to be asked by Mother Londons creative 'Charlie Inman' to apply some of our various vfx skills towards this promotional launch film for Dream Reality Interactive's 'ORBU' Augmented reality experience.

Launched in December 2017, Orbu is a physical augmented reality game that overlays the real world with a Japanese Zen garden. Players can set the size of the game, which can be played in a small space, such as a table top, or scaled up to a space 3m squared, so it feels like you are walking around a digitised space. Similar to mini-golf, the player moves around the game by propelling a ball around the obstacle courses.