Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica World Tour

Motion Graphics & animations for live performance

  • Role Animator, Editing & Motion Graphics
  • For Placing Shadows
  • Date 2016 – 2017
  • URL
  • Location Planet Earth
  • Big Ups Andy Morgan & Tom Hadley

This was my first opportunity of being part of Jvan Morandi’s Placing Shadows team, tasked with creating animations, editing & motion graphics for French electronic pioneer legend Jean-Michel Jarre for his 2016/17 Electronica World Tour.

Working closely with Jvan Morandi and Jean-Michel Jarre, along with fellow designers Tom Hadely & Andy Morgan turned out to be a mind blowing artistic experience. This kind of work was a slight change of direction as I had always created content for film, broadcast and online platforms, moving into the field of content for live-events was career transforming experience.

The rehearsals for the project where especially memorable as we got to jam with the band, along with lighting/lasers departments, whilst all the elements of the show where crafted, balanced and realised.

A mind- blowing experience!

All photographs below by ©Louis Hallonet