AR Cocktail Experience

Augmented Reality experience creation & development

  • Role Creative Direction, Storyboards & Vfx consulting
  • For CitySocial
  • Date 2015 to 2016
  • Type Mixed media | animation, live action, virtual & augmented realities
  • Original Designs By Jonathan Klahr

Cranrust Vfx takes the humble cocktail & brings it uniquely to life, originally conceived & created in 2015 by Cranrust Vfx's team, taken to a delivered & developed worlds first experience in 2016, we give you this novel & wild Cocktail optical illusion.

Delicious drinks with augmented reality to tell a non-linear story of how art, the space time continuum, philosophy, crime, debt & spirituality has been expressed throughout our planets history.

From our romantic archaic hunter-gatherer epochs to our crumbling dystopian 21st century malaise.

Come explore the earliest dated rock art to Romanticism, Futurism to the Situationists and of course Banksy, be transported to a futuristic art gallery where you can sip and savour this spectacular form of ‘drinkable tech’ from the comfort of your own bar stool. Work your way through all 12 cocktails of varying style and spirit, immersing yourself in the world of cocktails and art like never before.

Below are a selection of storyboards ‘Cranrust Vfx’ created for a ‘Hendricks Gin’ cocktail experience, just part of a series of 12 serves.

An intoxicating mix of tech and spirit, spectacular times!